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Good Shepherd Homes Board of Directors

Sherilyn Rhymes
Carlton Beckford
Deborah R. Pryor
Members of the Board of Directors
Selwyn Jones
Sherilyn Rhymes
Harold Patrick
Erma Bernard-Gibson
Tom Spencer-Walters
Felicia M. Bagley
Margaret McCauley

Good Shepherd Housing Development Corporation Mission Statement

As our logo states, we are here to "Make a Difference in Your Life."  Our aim is to bring this message of caring to surrounding communities, as well.  Our organization's mission is to enhance lives with affordable, beautiful and safe housing that we as a community will be proud to call "home."  Places that provide a sense of well-being and security to our residents and their families

To achieve this, we are dedicated to meeting the highest standards of quality and service to our residents while also providing quality and accountability to all our stakeholders.

Good Shepherd has been working in and with the Los Angeles community for over forty years. 

We partner with both CARING Housing Ministries and Blue Green Preservation and Development to meet shared goals.

Good Shepherd Housing Corporation prides itself on not being a "business" but rather an organization working to bring people of our community to a better sense of physical, mental and spiritual health.

We are also committed to providing a work environment that recognizes the value of our staff, and fosters their individual growth and development to help us better meet our residents' needs. 

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